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Two way mirror order for USA

  • Hi there!

    We’re two magic mirror builders from the West Coast who have both been a fan of the project for a while. After struggling to find a suitable glass for the project we decided to start up a little business and sell two way mirrors ourselves!

    We’re already selling a precut size of two way mirror glass on Amazon Prime (12" x 24") and are now going to start doing custom sized orders. Based on the interest in the thread for two way mirrors in Germany, we decided to try something similar for the US. Being able to take a bunch of orders in bulk will allow us to save on packaging materials and pass the savings on to you guys 🙂

    The material we’ve been getting from our glass supplier has been great for our projects. It has great reflectivity and also light transmission (pics at the bottom). It is 1/4" in thickness. To make things simple, we’re going to set a flat rate of $55/square foot for anywhere in the continental US (shipping included). We’ve become packing experts with glass and haven’t had any breakages. We can also offer flat polishing for the edges of the mirror which will be $0.15 per lineal inch.

    If you would like in on this order, post a comment on this thread with: the width and height of your mirror, whether you’d like polishing, and the zip code that you’d like the mirror shipped to. We will keep track of the orders in this spread sheet and update as comments come in to the thread:

    After a decent amount of orders come in (probably a couple weeks), we will post payment instructions and follow up as necessary through direct messages. We will be monitoring the thread to answer any questions that people have, and we can also be reached at

    Also, if the 12" x 24" size works for you, you can grab that one from our Amazon prime listing for $50/sq foot (with free shipping). If you guys have suggestions for other precut sizes to offer, we’d love to hear them 🙂

    It is highly reflective:
    alt text

    And also excellent for transmitting light.
    alt text

    It makes a nice looking smart mirror:
    alt text

    Product photo we took for Amazon:
    alt text

  • looks interesting…so total cost for 24" x 14" no polishing would be $128.32 including shipping to TX? i assume this would be ground shipping.

  • Your prices seem a little high especially with the sizes that you sell. Acrylic would be much more practical for 12x24 and there’s several plastics stores that sell them on the west coast for a decent price.

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    You should not compare acrylic and real glass prices without comparing mirror qualities

  • i actually have built an acrylic one and theyre not bad…but glass definitely looks nicer imo. i also live in the middle of nowhere so finding a glass shop has been unsuccessful. this price looks better than including shipping

  • @jsmitty311 Yes, that cost is correct: 24" x 14" = 2.33 sq feet * $55 = $128.32, and yes, we do all of our shipping via ground

    As for questions about acrylic - theres no doubt that plastic is cheaper to produce, and more importantly cheaper to pack and ship. The acrylic you can buy through amazon will have lower reflectivity, and definitely the “funhouse” effect.

  • @jsmitty311 said in Two way mirror order for USA:

    looks interesting…so total cost for 24" x 14" no polishing would be $128.32 including shipping to TX? i assume this would be ground shipping.

    What is ground shipping?

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    Shipping by train or truck, no airplane

  • cool! can you add me to the order spreadsheet?

  • @jsmitty311 done.

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