MagicMirror² v2.4.1 is available! For more information about this release, check out this topic.
Please read the release notes carefully since this update requires adjustments to your Raspberry Pi configuration!

UNMET PEER DEPENDENCY on upgrade. Should I worry?

  • Just updated to latest MM, and got the following error:

    npm WARN grunt-yamllint@0.2.0 requires a peer of grunt@~0.4.0 but none was installed.

    Related error shown earlier in the install process:

    MagicMirror installation successful!
    magicmirror@2.1.1 /home/pi/MagicMirror
    \u251c\u2500\u252c chai@3.5.0
    \u2502 \u251c\u2500\u2500 assertion-error@1.0.2
    \u2502 \u251c\u2500\u252c deep-eql@0.1.3
    \u2502 \u2502 \u2514\u2500\u2500 type-detect@0.1.1
    \u2502 \u2514\u2500\u2500 type-detect@1.0.0
    \u251c\u2500\u252c chai-as-promised@6.0.0
    \u2502 \u2514\u2500\u2500 check-error@1.0.2
    \u251c\u2500\u2500 UNMET PEER DEPENDENCY grunt@1.0.1
    \u251c\u2500\u252c http-auth@3.1.3
    \u2502 \u251c\u2500\u252c apache-crypt@1.2.1
    \u2502 \u2502 \u2514\u2500\u2500 unix-crypt-td-js@1.0.0

    Should I be worried?