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After reboot RPI no changes are saved?

  • Hi all.
    I got a strange issue.
    When i reboot (Sudo reboot) the RPI after changes in the config.js and saved the config file it gets back to the same status that i hade befor changes was made.
    Like if i delete a module from the config and save tha file it works fine but if i do a sudo reboot after this it is back to latest version and the module are back ?

    Aslo i got som issues with the MM freezes and nothing can be done just power off the RPI and restart it all.

    I dont run the latest MM 2.1.1 as i got problems updating.
    Is the best way to re install the full MM or is it a solution to this?

    Well hope that i can get some help if some one have hade the same kind of issue and solved it.

  • @wizz I have the same problema. When sudo reboot my config.txt is lost. I have to edit it everytime I shutdown too.