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Touchscreen with Camera for a Different MM

  • I built my rPI3b Magic Mirror, figured out some of the modules (Calendar, AviationWx,, even got PM2 installed for restarts and auto-runs. Yay!!

    I’d like a touchscreen though, so i can see details of appointments, play/pause sonos, etc.). I’m thinking instead of a two way mirror, that I add a camera and a software button to turn on/off the camera and show on the MM full screen and buy a commercial touchscreen monitor (HP, ASUS, viewsonic). The few touchscreens with IR touch frames I found on ‘Show your monitor’ section appear a bit dark for a ‘true mirror’. I can’t tell if its just the photos or if there is some light-loss on the two ways, perhaps the touch frame also reduces light reflection.

    I’d appreciate any thoughts on this path. This is a fun project!!!

  • @cohron you could use an overlay touch frame 🙂

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