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Tell maps to from A to B

  • Hi everyone! Hope youre finding awesome.

    I have a doubt, don’t know if this exist or not.

    Is it possible to get a module of maps (may be an iFrame) and tell via microphone go from A to B, so the map shows you the way?
    Could be google, waze or any map.

    Kind regards

  • As far as I know, there is no such module yet. Actually, I see this as two different things:

    1. A module that shows a route on a map and accepts notifications to change the route. For this, you could use the existing MMM-googlemaps module. Support of notifications has to be implemented, though.
    2. A voice-control module sending the notification to the module described in 1. It has to be able to detect not only keywords but truely recognize speech, so that you can input origin A and destination B. I guess this is already done in one of the several voice-control modules (probably in the pocketsphinx one)?!

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