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MMM-Alexa No Media Stream connected

  • Hello, I try to make MMM-Alexa work (I don’t have a button, so I use another module to send the start recording notification for now).
    But I got an exeption

    Uncaught (in promise) Error: No Media Stream connected.  :8080/modules/MMM-alexa//alexaRunner.babel.js:527
        at Promise (:8080/modules/MMM-alexa//alexaRunner.babel.js:527)
        at AVS.startRecording (:8080/modules/MMM-alexa//alexaRunner.babel.js:525)
        at alexaRunner.notificationReceived (:8080/modules/MMM-alexa//alexaRunner.babel.js:4326)
        at Class.notificationReceived (:8080/modules/MMM-alexa//MMM-alexa.js:59)
        at sendNotification (main.js:87)
        at Object.sendNotification (main.js:454)
        at Class.sendNotification (module.js:301)
        at Class.notificationReceived (:8080/modules/shemur//shemur.js:43)
        at sendNotification (main.js:87)
        at Object.sendNotification (main.js:454)
    TypeError: Cannot read property 'byteLength' of undefined    alexaRunner.babel.js:4468  
        at Promise (alexaRunner.babel.js:670)
        at AVS.sendAudio (alexaRunner.babel.js:601)
        at alexaRunner.avs.stopRecording.then.dataView (alexaRunner.babel.js:4435)

    The color of the square is red.
    I receive the following notification in that Order :
    ALEXA_TOKEN_SET (When I receive this one I send the ALEXA_START_RECORDING notification)
    ALEXA_VAD_VOICE_DETECTION_STOP (I receive this one immediatly after the start one)

    If I don’t send the alexa start recording notification, I have no exception so It must be related to the recording right ? I do have a mic and I can record a sound with arecord and play that sound with aplay or play in my terminal.
    So why is the vad voice detection stoping immediatly ? why do I receive the “No media stream connected” exception ? Is the module dosn’t detect my mic ?
    How can I solve this?

    Little update: If I send the notification again (with about 30 second spacing) I am able to have an answer from Alexa.if I speak quickly enough at the moment the notification is send. So… I’m guessing the first time is for initialization and after that it’s ok to talk. Still not sure why I got exception but I guess it’s fine…
    I need to find a way to trigger it with a wake up world now.
    Also, Is there a way to see when it’s ok to talk ? (kinda like the MMM-AlexaPi module that show you the mic status and a little symbole that show Alexa is processing your request)

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