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Strange weather bug?

  • My mirror seems to lag a few hours (still have to check how many) in updating the weather or only forecast (don’t know). Today is Saturday 6:37 in the morning where I live, but I still see Friday weather forecast. When I will come back from work it probably will show Sat as the first day in forecast. If I restart the mirror it works OK till next day comes at it lags again. Anyone noticed it? How can I check for errors? I did not change anything apart from config data.

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    Is your rpi setup for the correct timezone and locale? Please check the Complete Setup Tutorial, specifically the part on Booting up and Configuring.

  • Well time and date is displayed perfectly so I think the rest would be in order, right?

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    Not necessarily.

  • OK. I installed MM once again this time at spare RPi 3 (my main mirror is running on RPi2). Have both running exact the same config, will see if that clears anything.
    How often is the weather data updated?

  • OK, I have one stupid (?) question… does the api key for openweather has to be different for forecast and different for current weather?

  • @kanczug i’m using the same api key.

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    Use the same key.

  • I tried using the same or different APIs but it seems that the mirror is not updating the data from the openweathermap as often as it should. Sometimes it updates only forecast but current temp stays the same all day. When I close and start MM again it all loads OK but it can not update on its own very often. Can not say how often, because I can not see any error messages in logs. The same happends on RPi 3 and my old RPi 2 running borh at the same time. One has current temp of 12 degrees and the other says 25. But when I restart them they display 27. So none is right. Can someone suggest anything? It is not the timezone problem, because after restart it shows everything OK, it is not the lack of internet connection, because calendar syncs OK.

  • I’m having the same problem. Sometimes the current weather doesn’t update (or it updates very rarely), but it works when i restart with ‘pm restart mm’.

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