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strange placing of moduels after install

  • Hey, just installed magicmirror2 on my old RPI model B, took awhile and a lot of manual patching but in the end i got it working.

    However when it boots up and i look at the page the sizing and position of the modules are on top of eachother like its a css problem. I have not modded the css its just default. Weather /Calendar configured and seems to have loaded, but placement is just all up in left corner.

    Add picture so you understand what i mean:strange placement

    Any ideas where to start trouble shooting?

    Thanks / Dave

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    My suggestion is to connect to your Pi using a different browser. See if other browsers also have this placement problem. At the risk of stating the obvious: Make sure that the ipWhiteList in your your config.js file includes whichever computer you use to browse to your Pi.

  • @bhepler correct, i used chromium that didnt work, tried “minimal kiosk browser” as well didn’t work either, then used epiphany and that showed placing correctly.

    Now to find kiosk mode and autoboot mode for epiphany instead of chromium.


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