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MMM-Domoticz : update time ?

  • Hello everyone and first, thanks to Mich for the availability of the MagicMirror and to all those who contributed to the writing of modules …

    My problem: I found a module that retrieves information from the Domoticz box via the json API. Everything works very well except updating the data, these are only done when the MagicMirror starts and then no update.

    Here is the module link:

    If a person has an idea I am taker, excuse my English I am french.
    Thanks for any help you can bring.

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @djam you are using a timeout instead of an interval

    What’s the difference?

    setTimeout(function…, 1000) Get’s executed once after 1 second

    setInterval(function…, 1000) Get’s executed every second

  • @strawberry-3.141 Hello ,

    Simply, and in addition with the explanation ! 😉
    Thank you very much, it works much better like that …
    I will finally be able to attack the CSS of the module that I will post on the forum.

    Thanks again

  • @strawberry-3.141
    I tried to use setInterval but it doesn’t work for me.
    Here is the message on the console :

    domoticz.js:136 GET net::ERR8INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES 
    domoticz.js:131 domoticz: Could not load data.
    domoRequest.onreadystatechange @ domoticz.js:131
    Did not load data

    Any idea please ?

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @yomm not sure what files your loading there, but insufficient ressources could be a memory issue.

  • Thankj@strawberry-3.141 said in MMM-Domoticz : update time ?:

    @yomm not sure what files your loading there, but insufficient ressources could be a memory issue.

    Thanks you for your reply.

    The file is this one :
    I am very interested by this module but without auto-refresh, it’s quite useless.
    So I installed the module, read your post, read the nodejs doc and just change the function as you mentioned (setTimeout --> setInterval).

    For @djam it seems to be working. On my side, the module is loaded but it doesn’t display anything and send a lot of log like I previously show you.
    My MM(²) is runing on a raspberry pi 2. If I understand what you said, it means that the rpi2 is runing low memory ?
    When i check (free -m) it’s always about 450-480MB free with setTimeout or setInterval.
    I could try on a rpi3 but as far as I know rpi2 and 3 both have 1GB RAM.

    Could you help me please ?

  • Hello everybody, I’m also working on this module, but I was not successful, the MM2 loads but does not show the monitored device.
    Can anyone help?

  • Same for me, MM2 starts and no errors but the module MMM-domoticz don’t show up at screen at all.
    My Domoticz Pi is up and running.
    Thankful for help.


  • Hi.
    Just started my first mirror and added the Domoticz module. To get it to work I change the setTimeout to setInterval but I also had to change the call in the start function from this.scheduleUpdate(this.config.initialLoadDelay) to this.scheduleUpdate(this.config.updateInterval). Not doing this I think it will set the timer to fire every 10 ms and that didn’t work for me. It will take some time(this.config.updateInterval) to get the module up the first time but I can live with that until I know js better.

    Hope it helps someone.


  • Hi,

    I try your solution and also change updateInterval from 5000 to 2000.

    I let you know…


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