(2.1.1) Options of Clock broadcast event

  • I use 3 time-based modules (Scheduler, AlarmClock, PrayerTime). Each module implement internal timer to check current time if there is a trigger an event. IMO, it will more efficient if the module use a broadcast event from Clock module (every minute and/or every hour, each configured through config.js) to trigger particular event in the user module. The Clock broadcast event will contain date (MM/DD/YYYY) and time (hh : mm : ss) minimally.
    @MichMich : What do you think?

  • @slametps This would mean that every user has to use the clock module. It is not like the alert module which doesn’t have an ui. The event would trigger every module also the hidden ones. As some modules would need broadcasts every second the performance would be worse.

  • @strawberry-3.141 : so, implement broadcast event in Clock is not efficient rather than module internal timer? I mean, it is an on/off option. User can activate clock broadcast event if required.

  • Module Developer

    If you need re-occuring events isnt the calendar a better option? I do believe the calendar already has the option to send notifcations on calendar events.

  • @broberg : the requirement is not like that. The original idea is module internal timer with 1 second interval for example, can be replaced with event from the clock. The module no longer required to implement the timer itself.