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Facial Recognition with Apache User Registration Web Page

  • Hi All:

    My group and I are using the Magic Mirror for our Electrical Engineering Capstone Project.

    We are using the Facial Recognition Module and have it successfully identifying ourselves, but want to incorporate new users who want to be recognized by the mirror. We have made a small web page that users can access through an Apache server on the Raspberry Pi.

    alt text

    When the user enters account information and clicks the register button, it will check that the account information is available saves the account to a local SQL database to make an account for the user.

    We also built a Facial Recognition Training Module that begins taking pictures of a user when a notification is recieved. We want to tie these two together by:

    1. Sending a notification to the new Facial Recognition Training Module we made to begin taking pictures of the new user after a new account is successfully created when the “Register” button is clicked.

    2. Sending the username (just to tie the pictures being taken to the new user) to the Facial Recognition Training Module.

    My group and I are not strong at javascript so any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    Brandon Ngo

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