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How to convert weatherforecast disaplay

  • I would like to convert weatherforecast (from Default module) form vertical to Horizontal like the photo.
    0_1494842981392_New Picture.jpg

    someone help me to convert, Thanks so much

  • @nobita Did you ever get this figured out?

  • I did not tried but with MMM-MyWeather you can configure horizontal.
    Maybe it’s what you’r looking for 🙂

  • @kruemel - I have used that version to display a horizontal table of the extended forecast, but it isn’t in a format that looks as nice as the above picture. I am considering modifying a different weather module that has better formatting, but was checking to see if someone else has already gone through that effort first.

  • @mkastern Maybe you are still interested.
    I tested alot for an idea i had and now i just modified the weatherforecast.css to get this result (top left):

    Made this changes:

    td { 
      display: block;
      padding-right: 25px
    tr { display: inline-block;}
    .weatherforecast .day {
      padding-left: 5px;
    .weatherforecast .weather-icon {
      padding-left: 5px;
    .weatherforecast .max-temp {
    .weatherforecast .min-temp {

    But keep in mind, after an update of MM, your changes get overwritten because it’s an integrated module!

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