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Core update problem

  • I hope, i´m right here.

    Yesterday I start my Pi after about 8 month the first time. At the last shutdown in the past everything works fine. Now I think, ok the first thing I have to do, was updating… At first I update my raspian. Everything works fine. Then i change into my MAgicMirror folder and write gitpull and then npm install. the system works a lot, and then i restart my pi… But the my magic mirror only shows a black screen and no error. I try everything I can remember. but nothing. A start whit npm start dev didn´t work too (It produce a white screen and the error “Can not conect”. In searching errors I found some warnings from npm about lifecircle and grunt-jsonlint.

    Have anybody the same issue? Or can help me?

    I am happy because I have create a image of my sd card before that so I could some steps back… 🙂

    Greets and many thanks

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