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Hide album photo art from MMM-Scrobbler.

  • Is there anyway I can HIDE the album art photo that shows up at the top of the song name?
    I am talking about this: LINK TO MODULE
    alt text
    I want to “HIDE” the album art ALWAYS. And the info to take the place of the album art (like hide the art and shift the text up)
    There is a line of code on the .js file that contains album art stuff, I tried deleting that but it did NOT work.

    Any of you have any idea how to accomplish this? THANKS in advance!

  • Module Developer

    Now there is 😃 There are new config items:

    • showAlbumArt: true,
    • showMetaData: true,

    So if you want to hide the album art just set showAlbumArt to false.

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