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Same notif received multiple time

  • I sometime receive the same notification multiple time, like if the mirror run my module twice or something. It’s not happening every time.
    As an example, I have a module that send a socket notification in the start function to the node helper to initialise something. let’s call it Notif_A.
    l catch it the notification, make sure it’s Notif_A with an if statement, and When the node helper did it’s job it send back the data he got. still with a send socket notification Let’s call it Notif_B.
    The odd thing is that I sometime got into the if that check if it received Notif_B twice in a row. Like if I got the notif twice.
    The thing is, I only send Notif_A in the start function And I only send Notif_B if I received Notif_A.

    I also noticed that the getDom function on some modules are callde 2 or 3 time in the raw at the begining (I checked with console.log)

    So… what’s happening here ? Why is the notification is catched twice ? Is the start function runned twice for some reason ?

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