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different ports

  • Is it possible to use a different (additional) port to show a different page? I would like to use it to make a backend, so that I do not allways have to change the files via ssh. And I want to do a module to send messages to the mirror. Or would it be better to use a webservice or something like this?

    Thanks for your help! 🙂

  • Moderator

    Anything is possible, you just have to write the code to do that as it doesn’t exist at the moment.

  • I’ve got another idea, that I’m just working on. It doesn’t have to be another port. As I saw in the description you could make a module named backend and put a website inside the public folder. I’m going to try this and will keep you up to date. I’ve got another question. I don’t know, if I should ask it here or make a new Thread.
    Is there any database on the rpi3 installation that would be prefered to use?

  • ok i just found something new (for me)
    you could do this “port-thing” if you put this:

    I allready read a lot in this forum, but found that this page i another great source of information:

    It’s a little bit of Topic. I know and I’m sorry… 🙂

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