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Projected completed but not a mirror.

  • Ok so I wanted something to sit next to my desk which showed all the info I needed in one easy format. Enter MM which looked perfect even though I was not going to put it behind a mirror.
    Everything is up and running on my pi 2 and as you can see I pulled my feed in from google calendar. I have a list of dispatches going out which is updated by dispatch through wunderlist so I can see what is coming up etc.
    I also have my to do list so I can keep an eye on stuff I am supposed to be doing.

    There is a 24" monitor on its side to my right so I always know whats going on.

    Thanks to everybody who made all this possible for me to be able to do.

    Sorry if the picture is to big I just uploaded a screenshot.

    alt text

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    Nice! Incidentally, that’s how I use MM² on my desk for developing, a 24" vertical monitor.

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