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Header and Title Module Color Change

  • Newbie, so be kind.
    Love the Mirror project and just have a question regarding font color in the modules.
    If I want to change the header color in the Calendar module, say to Red, how would I do it?
    Would it be a change in the config file or the module.

    module: 'calendar',
    header: 'US Holidays',
    position: 'top_left',

    Or If I want to change the color of the news module Title, say to red, how and where would I make that change?

    title: "New York Times",
    url: ""

    I do realize that calendar does use a CSS and color of the symbol, title and time can be changed using the css but not certain how to change the Header/Title time

  • There is a custom.css file or this:

    $ sudo nano ~/MagicMirror/css/custom.css

    Add following lines:

    header {

    Now the header of every module is red.

    If you only want the calendar module, add:

    .calendar header {

  • Brilliant, thanks for pointing that out, greatly appreciated.
    Works as you said

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