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  • I would like to have npm start executed upon reboot. I’ve gone through every line of the install procedure (which is very good, BTW), but I have to manually open a terminal window from the gui and then cd HOME/MagicMirror and then npm start. This works fine. But how do I get it to do it automatically upon a reboot?

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    I didn’t get a chance to write that part yet, however it is (also) documented on the wiki:

  • @KirAsh4 Thank-you for adding to my knowledge again!!

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    Part of the reason for the auto starting is that occasionally, npm will die, and having the auto restart will take care of that as well.

  • @KirAsh4 Well, it must be working well because it has been 12 hours and it is still going strong. However, I don’t know how many times pm2 had to restart it. Either way, my perception is that it is working fine. Thanks again.

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    Log into your rpi and execute 'pm2 list' to list all running pm2 tasks. If you have a bunch of them, then add the task name, like 'pm2 list '.

    If you want more info on a specific task, execute 'pm2 show '.

    You’ll get info screens like this:


  • @KirAsh4 Thanks for the screenshots. I’m having trouble with mine starting after a reboot too and when I run pm2 list, it does not show a PID even though MM is working. Is that why it won’t start on reboot?


  • OK, did pm2 restart mm and now have a better result. Am I right to issue pm2 save after that?


  • OK, here seems to be the problem after a reboot; MM doesn’t exist. Anyone help with that?


  • I think the reason why you get the “MM doesnt exist” error is just because the script isnt running.

    You are asking pm2 to show you status of a process that doesn’t exist. So this error is not the problem, but just a symptom of the fact that pm2 doesnt start after reboot as it should. . Hope that makes sense.

    From what i can see on your screenshots, you seems to be doing it correctly so i dont know why pm2 will not start for you. Sorry

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