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Choosing mirror. 2 samples

  • Any thoughts…

    Both samples have benefits. I have no idea the percentages of light etc…

    One… the darker one… Is more mirror like… But is fairly dull and doesn’t let colours show very well

    The lighter one is a lot brighter and sharper… I’d almost say you could watch a movie with it… but its not that reflective… I doubt good enough as a normal mirror

    I also haven’t tried playing with tv settings yet… Still testing…

    Its a little hard to tell by pics but its very noticeable in person… In pics you can see it in the fade outs

    Whats everyones thoughts / opinions ?

    40" TV with no mirror

    0_1469730212675_1 small.jpg

    Dark Mirror

    0_1469730249046_2 small.jpg

    Light Mirror

    0_1469730266758_3 small.jpg

    Dark Mirror

    0_1469730285666_4 small.jpg

    Light Mirror

    0_1469730313880_5 small.jpg

  • Moderator

    How well does the light one reflect if the TV screen is on, but there’s nothing on it?
    How well does the light one reflect if the TV screen is completely off?

  • @KirAsh4

    I was hoping you might chime in lol 🙂

    I’ll check and see… whats the chances of a touch monitor working thru the glass… slim to none from my guess lol

  • Darker one on the left…

    Screen on with nothing displayed


    Screen off


  • I’ll take a photo of a normal pic to show colour diff…

  • Moderator

    The only reason I ask is because you can do one of three things here:

    • pick the best reflective mirror and just deal with the lesser light shining through, or
    • use the lighter one and when you want to use it as a mirror, you can either:
      a) turn off all the modules, but the TV remains on, or
      b) turn off the TV all together

    Using the lighter one is contingent on how well it reflects when there’s nothing being displayed or the TV is completely turned off. But if it reflects better, then that may be the way to go.

    I realize the last option may be somewhat annoying but it would work. And turning off the modules is a piece of cake. Or you could even turn off the HDMI output on the rpi, but the TV remains on … although some (most?) TV will then also turn off the screen’s backlight if they don’t detect an HDMI signal. Mine does. It stays on for a few seconds then the backlight turns off. The TV is still on, but the screen is off completely.

  • @KirAsh4

    Thanks for the advice…

    Hard to choose… I think? that I will be able to get away with the lighter stuff…

    Not that fussed about the mirror part… just the kewl factor…

    I wish now that I had gotten bigger bits to test with to really be able to see but the guy was nice enough to just give me these test bits… I think he even cut them to size as I originally asked when enquired for a size roughly the size of a pi 7" screen…

    No mirror colour test


    Light Mirror


    Dark Mirror


  • Moderator

    Yeah, I definitely like the lighter one better (specially with the TV completely off!), but you need to decide on the reflective property. If it doesn’t suit you (you can’t quite see the mustache hair), then you’ll have to figure something else out.

  • @KirAsh4


    Thinking lighter for sure maybe hmmmm… lol

    Its really intended as a pure dashboard… mirror is not important…

    By the time I get ALL the modules working that I want then it will be a nearly full screen anyway hahahah

    Plus i like the idea of pulling up a second screen if I ever need to…

    Still… Test will be in the actual large piece…

    While your around and helpful… do you see any dramas with the TV I have… 40" cheap VIANO LED LCD

    Will attempt to remove the bezel after and check if the screen is not attached to be able to remove it… Otherwise the glass is close enough to the height of the bezel it may just fit inside bezel nice but to frame it I’ll lose a very small amount of screen space…

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    I can’t think of any reason not to use a TV, other than power usage. And I’m kinda, sort, every-so-often, pondering the idea of having multiple instances of MM² running, on multiple screens, each with its own config. Consider a large installation of round mirrors (like 10" across), and each one having a screen (like a cheap tablet) behind them displaying a specific module. Could be fun, if not heavy. 🙂

    Mock up: 8" large circles


    Test pieces cut out of wood: 10" circles: The holes that match the one at the top with a red cover on it are meant to have either a frosted piece of acrylic, or smoke color, with an RGBW LED module under them, so they can all be lit up. The front and back pieces are 1" apart, so a tablet can very easily fit between them.


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