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  • Hey guys… would like to be able to use CalDAV for the calendar module…

  • If you are using the baikal calendar server ( you could specify “?export” in you caldav calendar url to get the stuff exported as ICS which will work with the MagicMirror calendar module.

  • Hi,
    I am using Baikal on my Synology and want to create an ics file of the data.
    Can you explain the ?export principle


  • @poekel You just add ?export to your calendar URL like this (example for baikal):[username]/[calendarname]?export

    Note, that [calendarname] is the internal name of your calendar in baikal. You can look it up in the baikal admin interface.

    In addition: You can use digest authentication instead of basic auth for the calendar module, if you set the sendImmediately option to false.

  • Hi,
    I have tried this ->[username]/[calendarname]?export already and it ask for a login and password.
    When i try this on my mac i get this:

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 296 bytes) in /volume1/web/baikal/vendor/sabre/vobject/lib/Parser/MimeDir.php on line 633

    Its the calendar op my wife and she holds a lot of entries (4000)in the calendar and I think that is the problem (memory exhausted) . I does not work…

    Any ideas welcome

  • Hey @poekel,

    You can limit the export with some options. Since baikal uses sabre/dav you can use the options provided on the sabre/dav website here.

    Maybe it is helpful for you, if you limit the export with the start and/or end options. You have to use unix timestamps for this. Converters can be found easily via a google search.

    Here’s an example:

    Maybe you just want to use the start option with today’s value. This would suffice for now I think…

  • Hi,
    Thanx for all the help. It looks like a short workshop Baikal 🙂
    I dont know if i am on the right track. I want to automate it. That is that items in the calendar show up on the mirror.
    Is’nt there a simple way ? ( Export to some ics file ?)


  • @poekel I don’t know, if I understand this right. But the ?export option already triggers a download for an .ics file (with all calendar events). I’m using this on my mirror with baikal and it works fine…

  • Hi,
    The command works fine and i converted the time/datestamps. I think there is something wrong with the stamps, because
    i get a file of 146 bytes whatever i do…
    I have to play with it. 🙂
    How do you keep the calendar up-to-date on the mirror ?
    ( my wife holds the calendars for all the family members so …)

  • Hi,
    How do you append the username and password ?
    I think it works but it gives me a Authorization failed.


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