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Mirror is turning off since today after some minutes

  • I recognized that my mirror is turning off after some minutes since today.
    I am playing arround with a PIR sensor, but i guess this is not the root cause.
    Nothing is running currently in the background.

    I can revive the monitor by running the following script

    tvservice --preferred && sudo chvt 6 && sudo chvt 7
    vcgencmd display_power 1

    again for some minutes.
    The only thing i did is a apt-get upgrade and i think there was only a nodejs update.
    Could it be that this causes the mirror shutting of?

    Can someone explain how to get the older package again?

  • So it is definetly related to either pm2 or the MM application.
    If i stop the mirror with “pm2 stop” the normal pi desktop is shown and the screen does not go offline.
    The status light of the monitor is always “online”, even if there is no picture shown anymore.
    I can always revive the screen (for some minutes) with the above bash script.

    I really can’t get it, whats causing this.
    i checked the crontab -e file (also as sudo) there is just a
    @reboot script for the mirror to autostart after a reboot
    and two scripts for switching the monitor off at 10pm and switch on at 6.45am. This is working.

    Any suggestions?
    It started after testing with a pir sensor. This sensor is meanwhile disconnected physically.

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