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Need help buying glass for smart mirror ?

  • Hey guys
    Finally I am making smart mirror for my project . But I am little bit confused between buying glasses. There are many type of glass plexiglass,acrylic glass and semitransparent glass . Can any one here suggest me which one should I buy?


  • Hi there!! so personally I purchased from due to the fact that no glass companies in my area sold one way mirror/two way glass (they are the same thing, i get that mixed up frequently!) But call around to local glass shops and see!

    I personally recommend the glass and not purchasing the acrylic as it is a small price difference for a huge change in the quality, acrylic tends to look less relfective and doesn’t look as natural as the real glass does. I have never used plexiglass so I can not speak to its quality. The real glass looks like a true mirror even more so in my opinion than the “Smart mirror glass” but to each their own! Best of luck i hope this helped answer your question a bit!

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