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  • I have installed the module MMM-PublicTransportDB and adjusted the Config.
    After a reboot this mirror appears at the module position only Loading …
    What do I have to adjust to make the module work?
    Here is my config

        module: 'MMM-PublicTransportDB',
        position: 'top_right',
        config: {
            name: "Bahnhof",
            stationId: 8000139,
            hidden: false,
            ignoredStations: [], 
            excludedTransportationTypes: '',   
            delay: 10,
            interval: 120000,
            departureMinutes: 300,          
            maxDepartures: 15,
            marqueeLongDirections: true,
            showColoredLineSymbols: true,  
            useColorForRealtimeInfo: true,
            showTableHeadersAsSymbols: true,
            maxUnreachableDepartures: 3,    
            maxReachableDepartures: 7,
            fadeUnreachableDepartures: true,
            fadeReachableDepartures: true,
            fadePointForReachableDepartures: 0.25

  • Module Developer

    Are there any errors in the linux console? And in your browser, open the console with f12 in a chrome browser while you are on your MM page.

  • Attached is the output in the console.

    Initializing MagicMirror.
    translator.js:197 Loading core translation file: translations/en.json
    translator.js:219 Loading core translation fallback file: translations/en.json
    loader.js:182 Load script: modules/MMM-PublicTransportDB//MMM-PublicTransportDB.js
    module.js:414 Module registered: MMM-PublicTransportDB
    loader.js:152 Bootstrapping module: MMM-PublicTransportDB
    loader.js:182 Load script: vendor/node_modules/moment/min/moment-with-locales.js
    loader.js:182 Load script: modules/MMM-PublicTransportDB//./vendor/bluebird-3.4.5.min.js
    loader.js:157 Scripts loaded for: MMM-PublicTransportDB
    loader.js:197 Load stylesheet: modules/MMM-PublicTransportDB//style.css
    loader.js:159 Styles loaded for: MMM-PublicTransportDB
    loader.js:161 Translations loaded for: MMM-PublicTransportDB
    loader.js:197 Load stylesheet: css/custom.css
    :8080/modules/MMM-PublicTransportDB//MMM-PublicTransportDB.js:29 Starting module: MMM-PublicTransportDB
    main.js:422 All modules started!
    module.js:117 MMM-PublicTransportDB received a system notification: ALL_MODULES_STARTED
    module.js:117 MMM-PublicTransportDB received a system notification: DOM_OBJECTS_CREATED```

  • Hello,

    I found the following message in the console.

    Transportation fetcher created. (Station ID: 8000139)
    (node:5048) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Unhandled promise rejection (rejection id: 1): TypeError: Cannot read property 'name' of undefined
    (node:5048) DeprecationWarning: Unhandled promise rejections are deprecated. In the future, promise rejections that are not handled will terminate the Node.js process with a non-zero exit code

    Can someone help me?

  • Hey,

    I don’t know if it is still a problem, but I had the same errors. So I looked into it and found that some return value model porbably changed. I created a pull request from my version which is working:
    Maybe this helps someone someday 😉


  • Are u still working on an offline List for Staton IDs?

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