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Two way mirror in United Kingdom

  • Guys I have a question I came cross mirror supplier which offers
    Standard thickness two way mirror 6mm, and also 4mm
    I have smaller Version of Magic Mirror with 6mm glass.
    But I never come cross 4mm.

  • I am also in the UK and have been searching for a suitable mirror, so far the option for thickness seems to be either 3 or 6mm, made from Acrylic, Polycarbonate or Glass.

    Reading other posts it is recommended to use a mirror with a 70/30 light transmission, however, I seem to only be able to find UK suppliers who have 50/50.

    Which spec do you end up getting and are you happy with the results?

  • Hi
    I think my glass light transmission will be around 50/50 or 60/50

  • My Clock Setup

  • @michael24h So 50/50 or 60/50 is fine, you don’t need 70/30? Where did you get the mirror from?

  • I get the mirror from Walsh Glazing Half Moon Ln

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