Todoist accesstoken

  • Hi, can anyone help me to understand where and how I get the accesstoken for Todoist.
    A step by step guide would be very helpful. Must I have a premium account?

    Thanks Robert

  • Did you figure it out??

  • @sizer Go here:

    1. Create an app (e.g. “My Private MagicMirror”) in the developer’s console. If you don’t have a website, use
    2. Then with your client ID and secret, construct an OAuth query (with whatever scope your app will need) and visit in a browser.
    3. It will then redirect you to your app’s website with a code parameter. (If using, it will fail to reach the site; just look at the address bar and find the code parameter.)
    4. Use thecode parameter to exchange for an access token (e.g. using curl):
    $ curl "" \
        -d "client_id=0123456789abcdef" \
        -d "client_secret=secret" \
        -d "code=abcdef" \
        -d "redirect_uri="

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