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A good safe way to remove a monitor and stuff

  • I bought this monitor for it being thin and with speakers for a magic mirror i hope to make. (hope is the key word)

    I want to remove the bezel if it will make the mirror more flat. But my question is will it be hard to remove and if anyone can give pointers.

  • Module Developer

    I’ve taken apart a couple different monitors (and was able to get them back together with minimal extra screws). The bezels usually take a little prying to start, but once you get a section open, the rest come out easy. I used a putty knife to get things going, then just pulled the rest of it apart. Make sure you remove all the screws you see in the back. If the bezel gives you resistance at a certain point, look to see if you missed a screw under a sitcker or something before pulling harder. Once the bezel is removed, there is usually a couple circuit boards with some ribbon connectors. If you want to make life easier, take a picture of how they’re all connected. My asus monitor had a couple of the same connectors, so I had to remember which board was plugged into which connector.

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