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"This site can’t be reached" when running 2.1.3 serveronly mode

  • Hi everyone,

    I have just been updating to 2.1.3 “git pull && npm install” my already working instance of MagicMirror and since then the “node serveronly” command I used to run with pm2 doesn’t seem to be working anymore.
    I don’t see any error message but “This site can’t be reached” message on my browser.
    I run MM on an Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS, I have completely disabled the firewall just in case but still nothing.

    I understand this might be an issue on my configuration but I just have updated MM to 2.1.3 and since I dont see any error message, I am not sure where to start. Any help is appreciated.


  • So I have been digging a little bit more on this since yesterday.
    I still have the same “This site can’t be reached” when trying to access the proper url from my internal network. For the server I ran “curl http://localhost:8080” and I can see a magicMirror HTML page so looks like it’s working from the server itself. On the logs, there no message at all, neither on journalctl.
    I just checkout the 2.1.2 tag and ran the same test and it works as expected on both the server and the remote browser.
    What change between 2.1.2 and 2.1.3 might cause that kind of issue ?

    To run my test, I just :

    git clone
    cd MagicMirror/
    npm install
    node serveronly/

    And then access http://serverip:8080 from another computer on the same network. As is I should see a message from MagicMirror telling me I dont have access to this (as ipWhiteList is not configured).
    2.1.2 OK // 2.1.3 KO (“This site can’t be reached”)

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you

  • This is the same issue than
    I initially excluded ipWhtelist since I didn’t even see the access denied message but adding the address parameter in the config.js file made the trick.

    Thank you

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