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Simple python script for pir motion sensor

  • Hey guys
    I managed to throw together this bit below by looking at other pir sensor scripts to control a set of hue strips. Its probably a million better ways to do this but this is where im at.

    The problem is that this scripts overrides whatever i do from say my phone app.
    If i turn on the lights from my phone and there is no movement next to the sensor it will kill the lights after a sec or two. This i want to avoid, i would like this script to be able to be overrun by the controls elsewhere. Could someone please help me out with this?

    import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
    import time
    GPIO.setup(15, GPIO.IN)         #Read output from PIR motion sensor
    while True:
           if i==0:                 #When output from motion sensor is LOW
                 print "No movement detected - Turning lights off",i
                 exec(open("./").read(), globals())
           elif i==1:               #When output from motion sensor is HIGH
                 print "Movement detected - Turning lights on",i
                 exec(open("./").read(), globals())
                 time.sleep(60 * 30)

    Edit; the time.sleep (60 * 30) is used because i want the light to stay on for 30 minutes after there has been movement infront of the pir sensor. There is probably a better solution to this somewhere?

    The two scripts being executed is merely a couple of scripts telling the hue bridge to turn lights on/off.
    Let me know if those are needed for any reason and i will post them.

  • Anybody?