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Sync private iCloud calendar with MagicMirror

  • @Beh first and foremost, thank you very much for setting out clear and detailed instructions. I’m a complete newbie but by following your instructions it works perfectly.

    I saw that, when I run “vdircyncer discover”, I receive a list of all my calenders and, in addition, my iCloud reminders. The reminders seem to have similar UUIDs to the calendars.

    I tried following the same process for my “Family” reminders by creating a CALDAV sync (in the vdirsyncer config file) called “pair iCloudTD_to_MagicMirrorTD”, including the Family UUID in the “collections” section and creating a %.ics file in /MagicMirror/modules/calendars/%s.ics. I have items_types as “VEVENT”, “VTODO”.

    I also inserted the %.ics file as a calendar entry in the “calendar” module in MagicMirror.

    However, the to do list does not appear in MM (it just says “No upcoming events”). The calendar however works perfectly.

    I’m guessing it’s not possible to import iCloud reminders in the same way as iCloud calendars but I thought I’d ask before I spend more time reading through the vdirsyncer documentation and other Google searches.

    Is there a config setting I’m missing or is it not possible at all? I’m struggling to understand the difference between VTODO and reminders.