YouLess Module - problem installing

  • @QNimbus
    Hi, I have a Youless and would like to display the energy consumption on my mirror.
    I’ve installed module, but when I execute there is nothing on the screen, so I ran in dev mode and noticed this error:
    "Error on loading script: modules/MMM-YouLEss/jsGauge/lib/jsGauge.js"
    indeed when I look in the directory, jsGauge, this is empty - no script.

    After install, I ran "$ cd MMM-YouLess && npm install --only=production.
    but when doing this, it gives me following

    mmm-youless@0.1.1 postinstall /home/pi/MagicMirror/modules/MMM-YouLess cd jsGauge && npm install && npm run minify

    and this keeps repeadingly running - so after getting 30 times or more this message I’ll stopped.

    can you take a look at the installation procedure.
    I would like to have this up & running

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