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is there a module for classic RGB(W) LED-strip?

  • Hey there,

    I am planning my first magic mirror, so I’m not familiar with all the modules available out there. I have seen modules for these chipped LED strips, but I want to use one of those classic RGB or RGBW strips.
    As those need PWM for dimming I need 4 Pins. One way would be to use software PWM, but I have no experience with that. The other would be to use serial output to an arduino and use of of his PWM pins to controll the dimming. I have seen the MMM-gesture module which uses this way of communication, but only arduino->rpi. Is this also possible the other way around? Which way is easier to implement?
    As I will probably use MMM-gesture there will be an arduino in any case, so additional hardware will be no problem.

    Thanks a lot for your input.

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