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Configuring autostart with pm2

  • I have installed the pm2 stuff and after running ‘pm2 start’ the Pi reboots and the Magic Mirror opens.

    Now, how do I ‘pm2 save’ to save the current state? Apologies - I’m new to all this. Is there a way to exit the MagicMirror and get back to Terminal to do so? Since I can’t, when I turn off the power and reboot, the Pi just goes back to Raspian.

    I really want to get rid of this keyboard and mouse!

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    • the rPi should not reboot when you first start the process - are you sure it’s actually rebooting, as opposed to you just seeing a gray screen flash, then black, before MM starts displaying the elements on screen? If the rPi reboots, you should see the full log of it starting up, with 4 raspberry icons at the top.
    • Issuing the pm2 save command is best done through a remote connection. One way is to setup VNC on the rPi, and use something such as RealVNC ( on Windows to remotely access the rPi. Another method is to use an SSH client like PuTTY ( to log into the rPi. Once logged in, you can issue pm2 commands such as:

    pm2 save - save the current process list so they automatically relaunch
    pm2 stop mm - stop the Magic Mirror process and exit back to desktop
    pm2 show mm - show the current status of the Magic Mirror process

    PS: the default login on an rPi is:
    username: pi
    password: raspberry

    I strongly recommend you change the password once you’re logged in by issuing the passwd command. Remember the new password you set.

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    Regarding the ‘keyboard and mouse’ part in your post … I use a wireless set. So the rPi is mounted behind the monitor and only has 2 wires on it: power and HDMI. There’s a USB dongle plugged in that’s for the keyboard and mouse which I rarely use. Specially since I log in remotely. The only time I need the mouse or keyboard is if something bad happened and the rPi won’t boot up normally. But other than that, not needed.

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