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Logitech Media Server (Squeezebox) - Multiroom Wlan Speaker System

  • Re: logitech media server (Squeezebox)

    hi all,
    i want to highlight this again.

    I am not able to create a module because i suck in programming, therefore i request it 😉
    I only can do a little HTML, and basic PHP.
    With JavaScript from MM i really can’t do anything with that.

    I am building currently a Multiroom Wlan Speaker System with Raspberrys and Hifiberry soundcards
    (like the very expensive Sonos or Raumfeld systems)

    The audio streams can play in each room another song or can be syncronized to all play the same.
    Very impressive system.
    The main server which handles all the stuff is the good old Logitech Squeeze Server which is now open source and runs
    ( in this case) on one of the Raspis.

    I would like to have a little module which shows
    which song is currentyl playing on which speaker/room.

    Since there are already some node modules available (please see examples in the old thread), i guess it should not so complicated anymore to build a small MMM- package of it.

    I just want to see on the Mirror whats currently playing and nothing more (control not yet necessary)

    Anyone can help me with that?

  • push.
    Anyone can help and build somethin around this CLI of the Logitech Media Server?
    Playername, Artist and Title would be nice. Artwork not needed

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