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MMM-Scrobble question - confused re: API

  • Sorry, another newbie question here…in order to set this up I need an API key from but don’t know how to do this.

    What do I put into the fields for Callback URL and Application Homepage?!


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  • @ChrisEW As those are designed for a type of application other than this, it doesn’t really matter. If the form is fussy, you can use any valid URL for either. I use as the Callback URL, and for the App Homepage.

    The idea is just that the Callback URL is a place to point users after they’ve signed in via the pretty-looking web login, and the Homepage is just where people can find about about the app. Since you’re not making an app or directing other users to login, it doesn’t make one iota of a difference.

  • Thanks. I managed to get it eventually.

    One thing… do you need a subscription to Spotify for this to work? Right now I just use the free mode, but have a suspicion I need to subscribe?

  • @ChrisEW Nope! I do it with the free one just fine — just make sure you sign in to from any client (eg your phone and computer) you use Spotify on. You can also download their scrobbler program and it’ll automatically scribble from iTunes!

  • @pyrosmiley , thanks so much! I am weak on this stuff, so I appreciate some advice. I have downloaded the config file, I have an API , and a account, but don’t know what to do next.I found the instructions on the web site hoplessly confusing!

    Anyway, if you can point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated !


  • @ChrisEW Is your issue with getting up and running to track with LFM? If so, the next step depends on what you’re using to listen to music. It will work with just about anything, and you can use several at once! You just have to point each music player/service at so that it can actually get the data. This page is your friend when it comes to that.

    For iTunes, you have to download the desktop program from that page and install it. It’ll scrobble anything playing from iTunes as you go, and will scrobble plays from an ipod/iphone whenever you sync it with your computer.

    For Spotify, it’s actually all built-in already! In each player you use (e.g. the Desktop player and the mobile app), go to the preferences, and under the “Social” section is a spot to sign in to LFM. Just do that and voilà! It will automatically update LFM as long as you’re not in a Private Session.

  • @pyrosmiley Thanks. I am using an iPad mini to listen to music via Spotify. Although I did not see a “Preferences” button, I did find a on/off switch within the Spotify app on my iPad. So at least that’s done. But don’t i have to do something with the new config.js file I grabbed? On the rPi, I mean? Right now its just sitting in a separate new folder I made for it when I downloaded it. I’ve enteredthe API into that file.

    Maybe I’m making this overly complex?..

  • @ChrisEW Ah, gotcha! You don’t need a new config.js file at all. The lines of code from the MMM-Scrobbler readme get copied and pasted into your main config file that you changed to set up the MagicMirror in the first place — that’s how it knows to look for the modules that you’ve downloaded to the ‘’’/modules/‘’’. That file is where you put in your information and set up all your modules, including this one.

    If you need help with the config file, there are several very comprehensive guides around these forums that should help.

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