Magic Mirror Display

  • Can someone explain how the display works…

    I am running a Raspberry Pi connecting remotely from a laptop running Ubuntu
    I connecting using TightVNC
    I run npm start and the magic mirror starts on my window but not the pi display

    I tride running the Display = 0 but then just got a black screen on the pi
    can anyone explain how and why different screens work thanks gotta run

  • Have you tried ‘DISPLAY=:0 nohup npm start &’ ?

  • Ok so now I had to stop the instance of magic mirror running and restart with the command you noted, which worked, but now i cant see the magic mirror on the remote session, just the blank desktop

    isnt there a way to switch between desktop and MM display, like using shift-tab?

    also can you explain what the command means and why some has to be in all caps

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