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MMM-PIR-Sensor doesn't work

  • Hello,
    I have problems with the MMM-PIR-Sensor Module.
    I cloned it in my module-folder and installed it.
    The Output from the Sensor is plugged at pin22 of the raspberryPi. The sensitivity is almost rotated to left. Also the Delay time.
    The Relay is plugged at pin23 of the RaspberryPi.

    module: “MMM-PIR-Sensor”,
    config: {
    sensorPIN: 22,
    powerSavingDelay: 5,
    relayPIN: 23,
    relayOnState: 1,

    powerSavingDelay is 5 seconds, so I don’t need to wait to long while testing

    at startup the raspberry, the Relay is switched off, after a short while it is switched on. But it is independent of the PIR-Sensor.

    Also if I take away the PIR-Sensor and plugg the PIN22 directly to 5V, GND, the Relay doesn’t switch.

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