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Limit Sonos module to only show a specific speaker

  • I’m using MagicMirror-Sonos-Module to show what is playing on all the sonos speakers in my house.
    link here

    Does anyone know to restrict the display to only show a specific speaker in my house, rather then list them all?

    Ive had a look at the sonos.js file and I can;t work out what I need to add to only display ‘Kitchen’ speaker.

    Can anyone help me?

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    @dinkybluebug245 can’t test this, because I don’t have sonos speakers, but this would be an quick an ugly solution

    $.each(data, function (i, item) {
    	if(item.coordinator.roomName === 'Kitchen'){
    		var room = item.coordinator.roomName;
    		var state = item.coordinator.state.zoneState;
    		var artist = item.coordinator.state.currentTrack.artist;
    		var track = item.coordinator.state.currentTrack.title;
    		var cover = item.coordinator.state.currentTrack.absoluteAlbumArtURI;
    		var streamInfo = item.coordinator.state.currentTrack.streamInfo;
    		if(item.members.length > 1){
    			room = '';
    			$.each(item.members, function (j, member) {
    				room += member.roomName + ', ';
    			room = room.slice(0, -2);
    		text += this.renderRoom(state, artist, track, cover, room);

    personally i would fork the repository add a config option exclude: [‘LivingRoom’, ‘Bathroom’] etc. to have normal behaviour for all people updating the module without need to change the config to get their familiar result. and then i would check

    $.each(data, (i, item) => {
    	if(this.config.exclude.indexOf(item.coordinator.roomName) === -1){

    and then submit a pull request

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  • @strawberry-3.141 said in Limit Sonos module to only show a specific speaker:

    if(item.coordinator.roomName === ‘Kitchen’){

    It works! hurrah! Thanks. much appreciated.

    not sure how to fork the repository - but I can research this bit.

    Thank again.

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    just click on fork in the top right corner of github

  • @strawberry-3.141 Can I clarify then… would config file under the sonos module be:

    exclude: ‘Bedroom’,‘Living room’,‘Bathroom’,

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    it will be an array so you need to put square brackets around it exclude: ['Bedroom', 'Living room', 'Bathroom']

    you don’t put a config file in the repository, that’s what the user has to add into his config file in ~/MagicMirror/config/config.js on it’s own.

    you would have to add the last line into defaults

     Module.register('sonos', {
    	defaults: {
    		showStoppedRoom: true,
    		showAlbumArt: true,
    		showRoomName: true,
    		animationSpeed: 1000,
    		updateInterval: 0.5, // every 0.5 minutes
    		apiBase: 'http://localhost',
    		apiPort: 5005,
    		apiEndpoint: 'zones',
                    exclude: []

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  • @strawberry-3.141 There might be a reason why this hasnt been done before.

    If you exclude all rooms in your house leaving ‘Kitchen’ the only one included in your config file,

    If Kitchen plays music, and then Living room is grouped in with Kitchen the code works
    the name of the rooms displayed would be Kitchen, Living room (the order of the rooms if the order they were grouped)

    but if you have living room playing music and then group in kitchen, then the order is different, :
    Living room, Kitchen

    and then the code doesnt work.

    Im guesing the code you wrote see’s Living room is excluded and then doesnt show the rest?

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    @dinkybluebug245 you forgot to put the mentioned line in the defaults object, this will cause a problem for those who want all rooms displayed, if you add this line and make a commit your pull request will get updated automatically, and i suggest to put also an information aubout this option into the readme file

    Edit to your new post, as i said i have no clue about the sonos system and can’t test it I think you will find a way to get around this issue

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