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Calendar module won't show all events

  • The default calendar module connects to my iCloud calendars fine, but won’t show all events. I switched to MMM-CalendarExt and it shows perfectly.
    After the recent update of MagicMirror, MMM-CalendarExt won’t display on screen at all. I just need one of them to work properly. Any ideas?

  • @gama

    Look into issue:

    It is a problem of Electron that has been downgraded.

    The default calendar module has had some issues removed in the update, maybe it is now okay for you.

  • This is what I found out.


    Here’s the code at that location:

    addCalendars: async function() {
        var self = this
        for (var c in this.CurrentConfigs.calendars) {
          await sleep(1000)

    Could it be that the error is within the core programming of the module?

  • I’ve had the same problem since upgrading to MagicMirror 2.2.0.

    It seems that Node.js is upset that MMM-CalendarExt uses an async function at MMM-CalendarExt.js:182. From what I can tell, Node.js didn’t support async until 7.4, and I’m (apparently) running 6.12.2 (via node -v). However, until I upgraded MagicMirror this weekend, MMM-CalendarExt was working fine.

    I just edited to the following, and just got MMM-CalendarExt working again:

    electron --js-flags="--harmony-async-await" js/electron.js $1

    Can someone explain why upgrading to MagicMirror 2.2.0 would’ve rolled back the Node.js support for async?

  • @ninjabreadman

    Nice. Thanks for the workaround! It’s working now.

  • @ninjabreadman
    Slick fix, Well done. Think this should get pushed to the master branch? Does not seem it will get in the way of other functionality/stability since we can still use the lower electron version but obviously the workaround means updates involve stashing changes and such.

  • Module Developer

    @ninjabreadman said in Calendar module won’t show all events:

    I just edited to the following, and just got MMM-CalendarExt working again:
    electron --js-flags="–harmony-async-await" js/electron.js $1

    It’s a great fix for this issue. Anyway, I’m almost finishing my vacation and my current business a few days. I should have to join the summit for business in mid of January in Seoul and Paris. After that, I will release fix of this issue.

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