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change default position of module

  • I’m going crazy … I’m trying to change position of newsfeed from bottom center to bottom left … Even If I’ve read tons of posts, I was’t able to do it via custom.css.
    So i tried with config.js, and specifing the following :

                            module: "newsfeed",
                            position: "bottom_left",

    it’s ok, BUT before that the first line was aligned to the center. Now it’s aligned to left. How to solve that ? Via CSS?

  • You’re right; for what you were trying to do, you need to use position in config.js. From what I understand you’re trying to do – I could be wrong – you can put this in your custom.css:

    div.region.bottom.left div.module.newsfeed {
      text-align: center;
      max-width: 500px; /* change to whatever width you want */

    This will make any newsfeed module in the bottom_left position still center its text.

    By default, any module put against the sides align their text accordingly. This will override that behaviour. You will need max-width otherwise the module will simply (at least, in my testing) span the whole screen.


  • great! that’s what I was looking for !!! thanks a lot!