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Slim, Frameless Bathroom Mirror with a 27" Display

  • @JamieH1986

    Thanks a lot. I don’t know how the mirror is right now, because the mirror hangs in the bathroom of my brother. Maybe i don’t understand your questions. In the answer to Relic i have linked the glue i used. (soudal fix all high track). The glue is not direct on glas of the mirror. The glas is covered with a black window foil. So it is impossible to see bubbles in the mirror. Before i used the glue i made several gluetests with some smalle peaces of wood, foil and mirrorglas. The glue don’t melt the foil and the connect between wood, foil and glas is very strong.

  • @reaper81 I’ve built speakers with exciters before, and the only way I found to really get nice treble was to use a tweeter in addition to the exciter. You need a crossover so the tweeters don’t blow if you crank the volume. I would say if you got tweeters you could point them up and hide them behind the mirror? This mirror build is very nicely done!

    Here is a link to my exciter speaker build for the curious.

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    @bucci said in Slim, Frameless Bathroom Mirror with a 27" Display:

    Here is a link to my exciter speaker build for the curious.

    I was curious. Now, I’m amazed. I didn’t even know something like this was possible. Good stuff! 🙂

  • @bucci

  • Hi @reaper81,

    great job. Your mirror looks very nice. Could you explain how do you attach the display behind the mirror?

    I read something about a black window foil some posts before. Do you affix the whole back side of the mirror with the black window foil and attach the display with the glue you mentioned? Do you have a link for the window foil? Do you cut out the area for the display? Is the frame of the display visible if you are standing in front of the mirror?

    I hope you could give me some hints. I do not find any instructions how to preferably attach the display behind the mirror.

    Many thanks an best regards

  • @EduardZ

    The display lies flush between the middle and upper cedar wood and is held only by angles screwed behind it, as can be seen in the picture below.

    alt text

    alt text

    It is important that the foil is only removed in the area on the mirror, where later also the display should be visible. It is not bad either if a little too much foil was removed, it happened to me too. Then you just stick something on the glass or even better directly on the annoying place on the display, such as on the silver strip on my display.

  • @bucci

    You really should not have shown me the link. Now I am dissatisfied with my solution. But your are rigth, small tweeters at the non visible top of the frame in connection with the exciters would produce a better sound. Well maybe the next mirror …

  • @reaper81
    Don’t be sad. Every time when you see an other project you will think damn that’s an great idea ^^

  • @reaper81 At least once a month I come across your awesome mirror. And it still wow’s me. I am looking forward to install a likewise solution as you did. It just looks so incredible cool.

    Many Greetings from Hamburg 🙂

  • @reaper81 said in Slim, Frameless Bathroom Mirror with a 27" Display:

    For indirect lighting special 45 ° aluminum profiles were used, into which the LED strips were laid. The lighting can be dimmed and set the color temperature by radio.

    I am interested into your LED solution, but I couldn’t understand what you meant there. 🤔

    Are you saying that the LEDs/LED colours are managed by a typical IR remote or?