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Sonarr Activity module

  • Does anyone else use Sonarr and display its recent download history on their mirrors? It looks like the developer, @s-cotton, has been away for awhile and I can’t seem to get mine to work correctly.

    Re: MMM-Sonarr-Activity

    It’s loading up correctly and pulling data from my NAS (hosting Sonarr) but the data that it shows (currently 2 episodes) are not the most recent episodes to have been downloaded. In fact, they’re two days old at this point with about 5 - 6 episodes having been downloaded after them.

    I don’t see a way to configure the module’s “recently” calculations to made adjustments that way, unfortunately. Perhaps someone who knows more about Sonarr than I could chime in and let me know if that is something that can be configured on the Sonarr side of things?

    Anyway, thanks @s-cotton for the really cool app! I plan on installing his Radarr module later today as well.

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