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Test of a Mirona Semi-transparent mirror sample

  • Hi everybody,

    Just wanted to share with you my experiments about building my Magic/Smart Mirror.

    It is not always easy to imagine what the mirror will look like before to order it. Therefore, I just get a sample of a 2 way mirrors from a french mirror maker (near West Paris suburb in France).

    Specifications are the following ones:

    • SCHOTT Mirona
    • Highly Reflective Grey
    • Semi-transparent mirrored glass
    • Thickness : 4mm (±0.2)

    Here are the pictures:

    With a dark background and no screen behind in good brightness area.

    With a screen behind and in good brightness area.

    With a screen behind and in a darkest brightness area than before.

    Several types of Mirona exists (Standard, Beamsplitter, High Reflective, High Reflective Grey…). Does someone already use one of them to build his own mirror? If so, could you please give me recommandations on the type to use?
    Otherwise, I would be interested in your comments and advises about this Mirona mirror.

    Thank you. 🙂


  • Bien fait! Merci d’avoir documenté vos essais. Selon moi, cela a l’air excellent.

    What do you mean by “no screen behind” in the first test? I can see the “Google” browser window. Do you mean there’s no mat (cardboard, vinyl, etc) behind the screen in the first photo?

  • Merci. You’re right. There was an error with the picture uploaded. I just fixed it. Thanks for the notice.

  • Hello,

    I am too looking for the good mirror in France. My aim is to put the mirror in my bathroom, i need a very good mirror.

    I made a first test with a regular 2 way mirror, but the mirror was too strong. (i don’t know its characteristics).

    I ordered a Stopsol Supersilver Clear sample, but it is is too strong too (LT=56%, LR=37%).

    If I well understood, the mirror reflects LR % of the light and transmit LT% of the display
    -> the best mirror must have the best LR value.

    From the characteristics of the mirror you found here :

    I think the best would be the mirona high reflective… The mirror you have seems to be a bit dark…

    Best regards

  • @Alex Hi Alex,
    I use the Mirona high refelctive grey 6mm.
    From my site it’s the best mirror for this.

    I also had a Mirona High refelctive (without grey) but there i had some problems: you see the Display case/frame though the mirror and the reflection was very bad (non existent)…


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