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How can I show a borderless (Bash) shell terminal window on top of MM?

  • Hello!

    I would like to show a borderless (Bash) shell terminal window on top of MM.

    At first I thought I’d have not make an entire new MMM, but then realized it would have to
    involve a lot coding in JS and integration of xterm.js etc etc. which would be crazy, compared to just showing a terminal “on top” of MM. (Coping sdout to MMM iFrame wouldn’t do it since, I need the colored xterm with terminal graphics.)

    However, I would like the appeatrance to be controlled or activated by some MMM module.

    How would I best go about this?

    Or perhaps there’s already an MMM-xterm somewhere?

  • @E3V3A You can experiment with urxvt and with URxvt*borderLess:true in .Xdefaults. You can then use ChildProcess.exec() (primer here) to launch urxvt which should also permit you to kill it from MM.

  • @ninjabreadman Hi! Thanks, I knew about that, but was hoping to use the default lxterminal, but unfortunately it only allows --geometry=CHARACTERSxLINES as option.

    Your solution of using rxvt-unicode seem pretty good as it supports 256 colors etc. However, in the end, I decided that I’d rather have a native MMM, than just throwing a window on top of everything. That complicates things though. I simply don’t see how to go about implementing the JS version of xterm into a Module. Perhaps something to suggest in the requests area?

    Anyway, could be useful for all those people and command-line junkies, who want to see their raw python output.