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MMM-PIR-Sensor: "Welcome back" message

  • Hi there,

    I’m completely new to all of this but still want to give it a try.
    I’ve intergrated the MMM-PIR-Sensor module to my MagicMirror and it’s working just fine.

    The Issue I’m now facing is that I want to display a “Welcome back!” message when the monitor is reactivated. I’ve tried some things but none of them worked at all.

    Anyone to help me out with that - it would be very appreciated. 🙂

  • Module Developer

    I don’t have a PIR to test, but looking at the code, I’d suggest trying something like this:

    You need a DOM element to show the message in. You can borrow it from the default module helloworld and modify it:

    getDom: function() {
        var wrapper = document.createElement("div");
        wrapper.setAttribute("id", "welcome-message");
        wrapper.innerHTML = "";
        return wrapper;

    And then, based on self.sendSocketNotification("USER_PRESENCE", true); in the node_helper.js you add
    this to the MMM-PIR-Sensor.js :

    socketNotificationReceived: function(notification, payload) {
        if (notification === "USER_PRESENCE"){
            this.sendNotification(notification, payload)
    //  new:
            if (payload === true) {
            document.getElementById("welcome-message").innerHTML = "Welcome back!";
            setTimeout(() => {
            }, (1*60*1000); // = 60 seconds
    removeMessage: function(payload) {
        document.getElementById("welcome-message").innerHTML = "";

    If you use it like this, the message is only shown for 1 * 60 * 1000 miliseconds = 60 seconds (set as desired) and then removed.

    This is all untested but hopefully gives you some clues where to look and work on the code.

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