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Local file copy to Pi instead of using Github

  • I’ve been trying to download OpenCV for the facial recognition module, and am running into

    RPC failed; result=56, HTTP code = 200, fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly.00 GiB | MiB/s, fatal: early EOF, fatal: index-pack failed

    This problem is well documented but none of the workarounds succeeded, which has me thinking since I can successfully download it via browser on my laptop, how can I get it to my Pi? Can’t I just copy to the Pi using a USB drive and go on with the install? Is there a specific command the Pi is using to extract a .zip file when we use “git clone”?

  • @Cyberwrights Yes, if you cannot download to the RPi directly, clone and transfer should work (via USB, FTP, etc). Unzip it to your USB, then transfer, or use a utility like unzip.

  • It didn’t work because in the next step of the installation it tries to verify the local folder is a git repository, and fails.

  • @Cyberwrights You can still download Git for Windows, or any other git client, and clone the repo. So long as you copy the entire folder to your USB, it should (afaik) also copy all of the git-specific repo files, and appear as a git repo on your Pi.

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