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MT4-5 /MQL on MM²

  • Hello Everybody !

    I just want we discuss if theres any possibilities about integrating markets charts on MM² such as Tradingview widgets , i really enjoy your awesome finance modules but am looking forward ! with MT4-5 if it is possible MT4 on RPI by eltechs . I really wish if i can give a hand ! peace ! sorry links got spammed .

  • tradingview. com/widget/
    eltechs. com/ metatrader-4-on-raspberry-pi/
    I really wish if i can give a hand ! peace !

  • @Krato5 You should be able to load most Tradingview pages in an iframe or make a simple module with their embed code.

    As for MetaTrader, the RPi is already slow; forcing it to emulate x86 and Windows (via Wine) is likely to yield an unsatisfactory user experience. It also wouldn’t be easy to display within MM. Far better to find yourself an old laptop with x86 architecture on which you can run Windows with MT (and, keeping it relevant to the forum, MM).

  • @ninjabreadman I really i dnt have much coding knowledges for now but all what i meant is that just a light simple widgets like weather forecast and so on bcuz if the guys @MMM-cryptocurrency are able to integrate even a sell , buy button like so

    and then it will be a revolutionary idea trust me 🙂 , and then theres many interesting APIs about this arround the web …

  • @Krato5 I’m a little curious about the use case here, why would you want buy/sell buttons? Are you planning to make trades whilst brushing your teeth, or while getting dressed?

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