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Current Fuel Indicator (ODBII Diagnostic Device)

  • I had an idea the other day, but I’ve come to the realization that I do not have the skills to accomplish this on my own :(. I’m wondering if there might be some other Automatic users out there who might take an interest in this. I think it would be neat to build a module (MMM-Automatic) which could among other things display the amount of fuel in your vehicle on your MagicMirror.

    Hyundai Genesis Coupe
    Avg. 22 MPGs
    Est. Range: 98 mi
    E IIIII----------- F

    Automatic Labs has a neat also kind of expensive little device (Can be found here) which plugs into a vehicles ODBII diagnostic port and transmits data about the vehicle to the Automatic (iOS app) on the paired mobile phone. The application records trips, calculates weekly fuel costs, monitors your vehicles health and can tell you the approximate range your vehicle can travel based on the amount of fuel in the vehicle at that time. Once the trip data is captured it uploads it to a user dashboard where its accessible by that individual user when they sign in.

    alt text

    I found quite a bit of information about interacting with their API - I just have no idea what i’m doing.

    Automatic Labs also provides quite a bit of API Reference information:

  • Maybe this is a solution by getting the data to your own server 😉 at the bottom: Upload live OBD2 data to your webserver or the torque web viewer in realtime