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  • Hello Friends.

    I´m new in Forum. I like your works.

    I´m Building now my own Mirror and have a question to the Modul RSS-FEED

    Its show me only one message.

    Can i insert a Update Time or must i use a other RSS Feed?

    Now i use the Feed from


  • @Lio019 Me also wondering with that , wish if it can become like the deleault newsfeed module with its options

  • @Lio019 @Krato5 You’re right. Looking at the code, it loops through the entries but overwrites itself, displaying only the last one (in MMM-RSS-FEED.js):

    var entries = result.feed.entries;
      for(var i = 0; i < entries.length; i++){
      var entry = entries[i];
      wrapper.innerHTML = entry.title;

    I think the author didn’t notice because it’s used for a “Word of the Day” feed in the screenshot, where one only wants the latest entry.

    You want it to rotate all of the RSS entries? Why not use the default newsfeed module?

  • thanks.

    i don´t use the default newsfeed because its everytime show “Laden (loading)”

    i think it was not supportet

  • ya well they re almost the some i think , just to make things batter …

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