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Samsung p2450 with touch border / removing case possible?

  • Hi, i am new here and i try to build my first magic mirror.

    I bought a cheap 24“ Display from samsung. The model is p2450. It will delivered tomorrow. After i bought the Display, i did a little research and found out, that the Buttons from this Display are by touch on display border (no mechanical buttons). The question is, if the display will work when i remove the case to save place for my mirror?

    Hope someone have a samsung display, too and can answer my question?

  • @eckonator I have a 22 inch Samsung with touch panel.
    While removing the plastic rim, I cut out the part with the touch panel and glued it later on the back of the screen.
    Works well!

  • Hi @Peter,
    thanks for your help. Have you maybe a photo from your cutted border? What did you use to cut the plastic?

    Thanks eckonator

  • I will try to send a photo later.
    I used a metal sawblade.
    It was rather easy to do and the touch still works well.

  • Uploading a photo is impossible for some reason.
    Can I mail you a photo?

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